Land Loans
in California

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A successful commercial construction project begins with purchasing the right plot of vacant land. Before you can do that, you need to find the vacant land financing product which will best fit your needs.

The Arch Corporation has helped commercial customers throughout the state of California to obtain valuable land flexibly, affordably and expediently. We close fast so you can move on the ideal plot for your project.

How We Can Help With Your Land Loan Needs

No matter where you are in California, we can connect you with a loan which minimizes your costs for your project and helps you to maximize your potential gains.

Having worked with numerous commercial clients throughout the state on vacant land loans, we are familiar with a wide range of potential scenarios, and have experience pushing past obstacles. We are here to clear aside barriers so that you can take the next steps in the construction process.

We can connect you with a competitive land loan regardless of where you are at in your planning process. Whether you have floor plans and estimates ready or you are still a long ways off from building on the land, we will work with you to finance your purchase.

You can apply with full paper documentation for your vacant land loan in California, or you can use our easy stated loan process. The stated loan process allows you to move forward without providing tax documents or bank statements.

When you have your eye on the perfect plot, the last thing you need is to miss the opportunity becomes someone else gets in ahead of you. To facilitate the rapid purchase of vacant land, we issue approval within 24 hours and close within 3 days.

Apply for a Land Loan in California Today

Whatever your commercial construction project—whether it is a high rise, a hotel, a warehouse, a restaurant, or any other type of facility—it all starts with the right location. If you are ready to move on a valuable vacant lot, please call (818) 995-1200 or email to schedule your consultation. We look forward to getting you the fast, competitive vacant land financing you need.

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