Commercial Loans
in California

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When you are in search of commercial financing, you are looking to work with a real estate company that understands your needs and offers a fast, easy application process so you can close quickly on a valuable property.

The Arch Corporation specializes in financing a wide range of commercial properties up to $75 million. As both a broker and direct lender, we can take multiple approaches to helping you obtain a flexible loan even on the most demanding schedule.

Types of Commercial Loans in CA We Offer

Commercial Loans

Obtaining commercial financing through a big bank can be a challenge when you have a non-traditional income situation, but we make the process simple.

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Multi Family

Get the financing you need to purchase Multi-Family and apartments.

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Office Retail

Obtain a loan for the purchase of commercial office space or executive suites.

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Mixed Use

Because we specialize in both commercial and residential financing, we are ideally positioned to bring you the most competitive mixed-use loans.

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Streamline your commercial construction venture by working with a broker/lender that has extensive experience in financing projects from the ground up.

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Land Loans

If you have your eye on the perfect vacant lot, we can get you approved fast for a land loan.

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Looking to obtain a hotel, motel or restaurant property? We can connect you with the ideal hospitality loan to make it happen.

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Business Broker

The Arch Corporation, your premier business broker, is here to help you navigate the world of business transactions with expertise and dedication.

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Why Choose Us for Commercial Financing?

While there are many commercial lenders and brokers operating throughout California, we offer some unique benefits you are not going to find just anywhere.

We have been providing competitive commercial financing throughout California since 1988, and have a proven track record of helping businesses and investors in a range of sectors to achieve their real estate goals.

Through our rapid and flexible lending process, you can apply without a W2, tax return, or bank statement. There are no credit score or DTI ratio requirements. Cut through the red tape and get straight to the financing you need.

With our huge network of lending partners as well as our own direct lending program, we have an ideal loan to offer every customer.

We offer commercial lending, sales and leasing services all in one place.

With The Arch Corporation, you can get same-day approval, and you can close within three days with our non-bank, private money loans.

Let Us Help You Find the Ideal Loan Today

The Arch Corporation works with customers throughout the state of California. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals through affordable financing which accommodates your unique needs. To schedule a consultation, please call (818) 995-1200 or email

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