Trust Deeds
in California

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Whether you are looking for a high-yield long-term investment or a short-term opportunity, trust deed investing through the Arch Corporation can help you to achieve your real estate goals.

Why Choose the Arch Corporation for Trust Deeds in California?

Our trust deed investment process is streamlined to be as simple and rapid as possible. When you apply, we consider the following when underwriting and evaluating to qualify a property:


The property and the equity within that property.


The borrower’s ability to pay the debt.


The borrower’s actions during a downturn.


Amount the borrower puts towards the property.


Current economic and market conditions where the project is located.

To assist you in conducting your research on the properties in which you are considering investing, we provide you with detailed property overview fact sheets. These fact sheets include descriptions of properties along with information on the loan amount, loan-to-value ratio, duration of the loan, annual interest rate and exit strategy.

Additionally, we guarantee the broker price opinion value, the borrower history, and the date executed.

In doing so, we further reduce your risk and remove as much uncertainty as possible from the process. That way you can move forward confidently with your trust deed investment.

As with all of the real estate services that we offer, our promise to you is to be comprehensive, transparent, and communicative as we expediently process your transaction.

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If you are ready to invest in a valuable trust deed property in California, the Arch Corporation can help you to make it happen. To get started now, please call (818) 995-1200 or email We look forward to discussing your investment needs and goals with you at your FREE trust deed consultation.

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