Reverse Mortgages
in California

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Are you living the lifestyle that you always imagined in your golden years? If you own significant equity in your home and are looking for a way to supplement your income as a senior citizen, a reverse mortgage in California may offer you the financial flexibility you need to live out the retirement of your dreams.

What is a Reverse Mortgage, and How Does It Work?

What is a Reverse Mortgage,
and How Does It Work?

When you take out a reverse mortgage, you borrow against your home equity. The amount you borrow is disbursed to you as cash so that you can use it any way you want.

Even though the equity in your home is securing your mortgage, you do not need to worry about having to move out.

Reverse mortgages are designed so that you can remain in your home for as long as you want.

*Borrowers must stay current on property taxes, homeowners insurance, and otherwise comply with loan terms.

With a Reverse Mortgage, You Can...

  • Pay to maintain or repair your home.
  • Upgrade your home.
  • Pay off medical bills.
  • Purchase a new vehicle.
  • Afford a down payment on a vacation home or investment property.
  • Finance a family member’s college education.
  • Put more room in your budget each month.
  • Give yourself a safety net of liquid funds.
  • Go on a vacation.

These are just some of the common ways in which homeowners make use of reverse mortgage loan proceeds. Whatever you have in mind, you can make it happen. There are no requirements for how you use or do not use the money.

With a Reverse Mortgage, You Can...

Advantages of a Reverse Mortgage in California

The loan proceeds from a reverse mortgage does not need to be used only for home-related expenditures. You can use it for anything.

It is up to you whether you would like to receive a lump sum, installments or even a line of credit.

It is rare for reverse mortgage loan proceeds are NEVER taxed.

Taking out a reverse mortgage in no way compromises your ability to remain in your home. You can live there for the rest of your life, even if you never pay it off.

In fact, you do not need to pay off the reverse mortgage at all until a maturity event. If you sell the home, that would be one example of a maturity event. Another would be the death of the last borrower on the loan.

California Reverse Mortgage Eligibility

Since reverse mortgages are a lending product for senior citizens, at least one borrower needs to be 62 or older.

You can only borrow against the equity in your primary residence. You need at least 50% equity to do so, and you must be the owner of the home.

You are only eligible for a reverse mortgage if you are current on all home maintenance payments.

Your credit score, tax history and income will be accounted for during your application process.

Supplement Your Income With a Reverse Mortgage
in California Today

A reverse mortgage can offer you the financial security and peace of mind that you have been looking for along with the financial means to make your retirement dreams a reality. To apply for a reverse mortgage in California today, please call (818) 995-1200 or email

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