Multi-Family Loans
in California

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When you are applying for apartment loans in California, you need to work with a commercial mortgage company that has experience with multi-family lending and the unique challenges faced by borrowers investing in this competitive market.

Why Choose the Arch Corporation for Apartment Loans in California?

We put customer service first. Investing in commercial real estate can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We also believe it can be stress-free. Our transparency, patience and dedication ensure that purchasing or constructing a multi-family property in California is smooth sailing.

The Arch Corporation’s wide selection of multi-family lending products means that you can choose a competitive LTV and interest rate which work for you. With excellent rate locks available, you can rest assured that your apartment loan will give you the financial predictability and stability you need to make the most of your multi-family investment.

We have a 24-hour guarantee turnaround on underwriting your file, allowing for some of the fastest closing times you will find anywhere in California. While competing buyers are still submitting their documents for processing, you will be grabbing hot real estate.

We offer both full documentation loans and stated income loans, allowing you to choose the application process which best fits your needs for apartment financing.

No matter who you are or what your goals are in investing in multi-family properties, we can work with you. Our customers include bankers, real estate investors, mortgage brokers and more.

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FREE Mortgage Rate Quote!