Hard Money Loans
in California

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At the Arch Corporation, our focus is on opening doors and removing barriers to financing.

That means that we offer alternatives to the constraints of conventional underwriting. Among the solutions we offer to provide for faster, easier approval are hard money loans.

Benefits of Hard Money Loans in California

Our residential stated income loan process may be right for you to you are:

You can qualify for a hard money loan even if your credit score is not ideal.

The application process for a hard money loan is fast and easy.

Because hard money loans often are used for short-term investment financing, you may be approved for a long which does not include penalties for prepayment.

Ways to Use a Hard Money Loan in Calabasas

Hard money loans are ideal for a variety of real estate purchase scenarios:

Borrowers who are not eligible for a prime loan may instead be approved for a hard money loan.

If a low credit score is the reason why a borrower does not qualify for a prime mortgage, applying for a hard money loan instead and paying it off successfully can be an effective method for raising credit.

Many borrowers choose hard money loans for reasons unrelated to credit scores. The simple, expedited hard money loan process is an appealing alternative to the more complex, involved application required for prime financing.

Hard money loans are perfect for your short-term financing needs, and may be used for fixing and flipping real estate, buy-and-hold investments, and bridge loan purposes.

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The Arch Corporation works with customers throughout the state of California. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals through affordable financing which accommodates your unique needs. To schedule a consultation, please call (818) 995-1200 or email doug@thearchcorporation.com.

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