Stated Commercial Loans
in California

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When you are in need of fast and flexible financing for commercial real estate, the traditional loan application process with full paper documentation may not be ideal.

At the Arch Corporation, we understand that you are on a strict timetable for your commercial real estate purchase, refinance or construction project. Whether you are looking to buy an existing property or construct one, you need to be able to close fast and move forward with your project without unnecessary roadblocks.

That is why we have paved a smooth road ahead with stated commercial loans.

What Are Stated Commercial Loans?

A stated commercial loan allows you to apply for financing without providing the traditional required documents such as tax returns or bank statements. You simply fill out our application, and we take care of the rest.

What You Can Expect When Applying for a Stated Commercial Loan Through the Arch Corporation

What We Offer:

When you apply for a stated income loan, no tax returns, income verification, and in some cases no bank statements necessary. Spend less time looking for forms or workarounds.

Ground Up Apartment Construction Loans up to $75 million with only financial statement, no tax returns. Fully assumable, lock in a fixed rate at the time of construction up to a 40 year term. Non-recourse, nationwide with a 98% closing ratio, Competitive rates.

Benefits of Stated Commercial Loans in California

Here are a few reasons to consider applying for a California stated commercial loan with us:

We offer one of the fastest, simplest application processes you are going to find for a broad range of commercial loans.

Because we put an emphasis on stated commercial loans, we have extensive experience with them. This allows us to process them rapidly compared to many competitors. There is no situation which we are not prepared for.

We customize the commercial loan application process to your individual requirements.

This application process is so streamlined and efficient that we are able to underwrite all files within 24 hours. We may even be able to approve your loan the same day.

Apply For a Stated Commercial Loan Today

Don’t let a valuable property pass you by as you wade through a traditional full paper documentation loan process with a bank. Apply for financing the quick and flexible way with the Arch Corporation.

Please call (818) 995-1200 or email to schedule your consultation. Close fast on commercial real estate and move forward with your business plans.

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