Commercial Sales & Leasing
in California

As one of California’s leading commercial real estate companies, the Arch Corporation can assist you in buying, selling, leasing, or renting any type of commercial property anywhere in the state.

Our local market expertise throughout California as well as our fast, flexible sales and leasing process ensures that you can complete your transaction rapidly and affordably.

Commercial Properties We Can
Assist You With

These are some of the types of commercial properties we can help you to buy, sell, lease or rent in California:

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Industrial distribution centers
  • Retail properties
  • Executive suites
  • ...And more

Why Choose Us for Commercial Sales & Leasing in California?

Here are the benefits which set us apart from other real estate companies in California:

The process begins with a FREE consultation. There are no upfront fees for our real estate services.

Our experience handling commercial real estate transactions throughout California is extensive, providing us with deep insights into local commercial real estate markets across CA.

At all times, you will find us to be transparent and communicative. During your consultation, we will tell you exactly what we can do for you.

We know that many customers in search of commercial real estate services are on a tight schedule. This is why we specialize in expedient processing of real estate transactions so that you can meet your deadlines.

We specialize in commercial mortgages alongside our commercial real estate services. If you work with our mortgage division, you can receive FREE same-day approval. It may also be possible to bundle services and reduce costs.

Removing obstacles and providing flexible, fast solutions is what has made us one of the top commercial real estate companies in California. Whatever unique challenges you might face, we strive to overcome them so that you can meet your real estate goals.

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Buy, sell, lease or rent commercial real estate anywhere in the state of California now. To schedule your FREE consultation, please call (818) 995-1200 or email We look forward to working with you in building a long-term relationship to serve all of your commercial real estate needs.